Don Picolo

My contribution to my clients is my commitment to their success. I give them clarity so they can make better business decisions. So, their bookkeeping must be 100% accurate. I have found over the years that most in-house accounting is not 100% accurate. When clients run inaccurate financial reports in Quickbooks they can’t make accurate decisions.
I work with my Quickbooks Training and Consulting clients and their employees, remotely and on-site, to correct errors in Quickbooks. I teach them how to maintain accuracy throughout the year. At year-end, when financial information goes to their accountant, there is less time spent on tax preparation. This is helpful to the client as well as the accountant, saving time and money spent.
I use Quickbooks Online for my Bookkeeping clients. It provides a central location for all financial information. We are able to see/work with the same information and collaborate with ease. I send clients accurate financial reports monthly:
  • Profit & Loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • Statement of Cash Flow
For my Payroll clients, I use Intuit Online Payroll. I create and manage all aspects of their payroll. I also provide:
  • weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly payroll processing
  • direct deposits
  • monthly/quarterly tax payments, and form reporting.
At year-end, I provide employee W2 forms and we file the required annual state & federal reports.
Since my I manage all clients online, I have the ability to support them from anywhere. I currently support clients in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana & Texas. I provide all my clients with a non-compete/confidentiality contract.
Reference list is available upon request.